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Your window of opportunity

In a dynamic world where technology moves at breakneck speed, we understand that startups often wonder where to find both technical and financial support to realize their ideas quickly. Windows of opportunity are short and time to market is essential. It requires both reliable technical capability and investment to execute on opportunities. That's why Solvexus has expanded its core offerings to provide a unique solution - our venture capital arm, specializing in tech-enabled partnerships for startups.

What we do

To succeed in this fast-paced world it takes more than venture capital or finding startup investment opportunities. The biggest challenge isn't how to get startup funding, but who you should team up with for reliable and scalable technical capability. We go beyond being just financial backers for startups. We offer a unique tech-enabled venture partnership, providing both innovative financing solutions for businesses and top-tier technology resources. We become your dedicated tech partner, who's interests are aligned with yours, supporting you all the way through your ups and downs.

Selective and committed

Our strategic investment partnerships are selective, and we commit ourselves fully to each partnership we undertake. While there are many companies that invest in startups, we engage only with those that align with our values and vision. We offer both business financing options and tech solutions, making you can execute your plan under budget and ahead of schedule.

Why partner with us

When you partner with Solvexus Ventures, aligned objectives come as a given. We're shareholders with vested interests, not just angel investors in technology who sit back and let you do the work. You'll be equipped not only with financial capital but also with strategic insights and invaluable industry knowledge. Beyond a mere advisory role, we're hands-on and work along with our partners. We cover all your technology needs - from design, custom web/app development, AI, automation, or cloud, to specific tech stack solutions and ongoing technical guidance.

Reliability is paramount

When you consider what questions to ask before partnering with a tech partner, the issue of reliability should be paramount. Imagine you have a running app that users rely on for time-sensitive tasks. If something goes wrong, you can't afford downtime. That’s where we come in: with round-the-clock technical support, ready to resolve issues on the spot. We cover all your technological needs comprehensively, keeping your services up and running when it matters most.

Ready for the launch?

If you're looking to secure both funding and technological support for your startup and you meet our selective criteria, you could be the partner we're looking for. Are you ambitious and ready to achieve something amazing? Let's talk.

+ Why us?

You need a partner who shares your vision and is committed to your success. We not only assist in launching your venture but also ensure its long-term growth and success, supporting you at every turn. We invest only in ventures with clear potential, driving us to go the extra mile for shared success.


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We stay by your side, evolving with your business as it grows

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Maliblue: an immersive digital platform providing bespoke yacht booking experiences, and transforming ordinary vacations into memorable maritime adventures.

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+ Got an idea?

Think you’ve got the next big thing?

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