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Maliblue Yachts

Maliblue: an immersive digital platform providing bespoke yacht booking experiences, and transforming ordinary vacations into memorable maritime adventures.

+ Challenge/Objectives

In the initial phase, we focused on developing a straightforward, intuitive yacht booking system. Given the array of options to handle, we meticulously planned the user journey to make it as simple as possible. Our priority was to allow users to easily navigate through various choices, streamline their preferences and finalize their bookings without any confusion.

+ What we did
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We were responsible for setting up the global payment system. Given the necessity to ensure secure transactions, we implemented advanced security protocols and conducted rigorous testing. We integrated multiple payment options to cater to users from around the world, ensuring that their payment details remained safe while providing them with a seamless booking experience.

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We focussed on website performance optimization and mobile responsiveness. Despite the heavy use of media content, we used optimization techniques to make the website load quickly, ensuring a smooth user experience. We paid careful attention to the mobile version of the site, conducting comprehensive testing on various devices and screen sizes to ensure the website's optimal functionality across all platforms.


As a result of our efforts, we delivered a streamlined booking system, secure payment portal, and an optimized, mobile-friendly site for Maliblue. Users found it easy to navigate, secure for transactions, and quick to load, improving user satisfaction and engagement across various devices.


Succesful launch

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The Solvexus team are a pleasure to work with. They're the best developers I've worked with (and I've worked with a lot). They're a thoughtful and proactive team that have optimisation and loads speeds front of mind in their work and not as an after thought

Adam - Candypants

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