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Asset management

Fourstack Capital

A platform to help people invest in crypto safely and simply, with live asset allocation and results.

+ Challenge/Objectives

Our first step was an intensive discovery phase with the client. We gained an understanding of the business goals, target audience, and desired functionality. This process allowed us to comprehend the nature of the business and thereby design a tailored solution that met the unique needs of Fourstack Capital.

+ What we did
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Next, we focused on the brand's visual identity. We needed to communicate core values of trust, expertise, integrity, and prudence. The design choices reflected this, with a color palette largely in shades of blue symbolizing intelligence, confidence, and power. The logo was designed to resemble a blockchain, creating a direct link to the brand's focus on digital assets.

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Finally, we tackled the technical development of the platform, using a user-centric approach to cater to the different user groups. We meticulously designed the platform to be clear, flexible, and easily comparable, ensuring users wouldn't be overwhelmed by data. We used scrum methodology to ensure iterative and transparent progress, delivering partial product releases every two weeks. This allowed the client to keep track of our progress and make quick decisions, leading to a successful product launch.


The outcome was an intuitive, user-friendly platform that made digital asset investing accessible for all. The platform's powerful data management and visual representation capabilities, alongside a strong brand identity, resulted in a trustworthy, robust tool.


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Our dashboard has 24/7 coverage of where your crypto assets generate yield and in which decentral protocols

Martijn Ardon - Fourstack Capital

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