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A website for hospitality services in Marbella. We teamed up with Expose, who provided an amazing design, to realize a full service website with booking possibility for services provided by Lovebanus.

+ Challenge/Objectives

In response to the intricate design presented by Expose, we adopted a meticulous development approach - following the 'Pixel-Perfect' principle. We systematically dissected the design into its constituent elements and methodically rebuilt it in code, ensuring responsiveness across all devices. This robust development process successfully transformed the design into a fully-functional, user-friendly website.

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The SEO challenge was addressed by conducting an in-depth analysis of the existing traffic and strategizing accordingly. We implemented SEO-friendly coding, made strategic use of keywords, and optimized site structure, which helped to retain and even boost the site's search engine performance. Concurrently, we developed an intuitive yet powerful Content Management System. By striking a balance between power and user-friendliness, we ensured that Lovebanus could efficiently manage their offerings and events.

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To meet the challenge of ongoing hosting and maintenance, we established a dedicated support system. This system not only provides regular updates and technical troubleshooting, but also monitors the website's performance continuously to preempt potential issues. This approach ensures the website's smooth operation and longevity, marking our commitment to Lovebanus for the long haul.


The website, embodying Expose's intricate design, was successfully launched with a user-friendly interface that ensured a seamless experience across various devices. The custom-built Content Management System provided Lovebanus with the flexibility and control to manage their services and events with ease. Moreover, the site's consistent performance and reliability were assured through our ongoing hosting and maintenance services, reinforcing the website's status as a leading platform for hospitality services in Marbella.



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The Solvexus team are a pleasure to work with. They're the best developers I've worked with (and I've worked with a lot). They're a thoughtful and proactive team that have optimisation and loads speeds front of mind in their work and not as an after thought.

Adam - Expose

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