Investing in crypto safely and simply


Asset management

What we did

  • Conceptualization
  • Design
  • Software development
  • Maintenance

Client background

Rotterdam-based asset management platform.

Fourstack Capital delivers superior risk-adjusted returns for its investors using its expertise in digital assets. It makes it possible to invest in blockchain without having to fully understand the ins and outs of crypto and spend days staying up to date with the dynamic crypto market.


The idea of the project is to help people who don’t have much experience in investing allocate their capital in a clear and transparent way. That’s why it was extremely important and quite challenging to create a platform that would be out of technical terms and complicated flows which could overwhelm the users.

In addition, we had to deal with a large amount of data to provide the investors with up-to-date information about their assets and make it possible for the administrators to manage the platform on their own.

Solution & process

The project kicked off with a discovery phase. During this phase, we got a brief from the client and held a series of co-creation sessions with him to determine the goals of the business and how value can be created, its target audience, and the desired functionality of the platform. Taking this deep dive allowed us to understand the nature of the business and design a better solution.

In the next stage, we worked on the brand visual identity, which had to project its core values: trust, expertise, integrity, and prudence. The color palette we picked consists mostly of shades of blue, as they’re usually associated with intelligence, confidence, and power. Also, we picked brand fonts and created a logo that looks like one of the blocks in the blockchain.

While working on the design and development of the platform, we faced quite a number of challenges. First of all, we had to make it user-friendly for different types of users: potential investors who just scroll through the landing page, current investors who use the dashboard to check out their progress, and administrators who manage an enormous amount of data. By the way, visualizing and processing such a large amount of data was probably one of the most difficult tasks. From the design perspective, we understood how important it was to make the charts clear, flexible, and easily comparable so the users wouldn’t get lost in all these numbers. From development one, we had to provide a solid connection between different pieces of data and make sure that the data was relevant.

As we used scrum methodology during the work, we released the partial product every two weeks when the sprint ended. Our client really loved it as they could check our progress regularly and make decisions quickly.

After delivering the platform, we continue our relationship with Fourstack Capital by developing additional features and performing maintenance of the project as they are getting traction in the industry.